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Large Breed Puppy

People always ask me what I feed my dogs and my puppies. I am super excited to say I have become a field representative for Life's Abundance Dog Food. I highly recommend  feeding your puppy and your adult dog what I feed.      

Why feed Life's Abundance?       

Large Breed Puppy Food is formulated with select ingredients to help your puppy grow and thrive. With Life’s Abundance, you can be confident that you’re feeding advanced nutrition to help your puppy achieve and maintain optimal health.      

Made for large breeds, this premium kibble is made with the finest ingredients, including...      

• A proprietary blend of vitamins & minerals   

• High-quality, multi-source proteins for growing muscles & healthy development   

• An antioxidant system with vitamins C & E   

• Prebiotic fiber & guaranteed probiotics   

• Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin & a shiny coat   

• Enriched with DHA for canine smarts   

• Dietary fiber to help maintain a healthy digestive tract   

• A selection of nutritious vegetables      

Since we use only wholesome ingredients, this formula contains …      

• No artificial flavors    

• No artificial colors   

• No corn or corn gluten    

• No wheat or wheat gluten   

With advanced nutrition, you can guide your big dog down the path to a long, healthy and happy life!

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What do I need to bring my puppy home?


Life's Abundance

Large Breed Healthy Start - Large Pack  Get your big bundle of joy off to a healthy start. Dr. Jane Bicks, our veterinarian formulator, chose each product in our Healthy Start Pack for Large Breed Puppies for a specific reason. Each Pack contains 

17.6 lb. bag of Life's Abundance Large Breed Puppy Food

60-tablet bottle of Life's Abundance Wellness Food Supplement

18-ounce bag of Antioxidant Health Bars

4-ounce bag of Tasty Rewards Training Treats

4 9-inch Buffalo Bully Sticks

4-ounce bottle of Ear Care Formula

12-ounce bottle of Revitalizing Shampoo 

8-ounce spray bottle of Bath Fresh Mist. 

Congratulations and best wishes for years of good health, happiness and hugs!

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Most pet stores.

Kennel for transport/training

Water/Food bowls

Collar, Harness(for walks), and leash

Kong zoom groom brush


Lots of toys! 

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